Lions at School

Two players of the New Yorker Lions (German Football League Winners!) visited the 7BI on Monday to introduce the class to American Football- in English of course! 🙂 After a quick warm up the class learned how to catch and throw a football. Next up were some „route running“ drills: That is a combination of catching the ball and running with it. The students also got to play some Flag… Weiterlesen »Lions at School

Oscar verdächtig!

Der Kurs EN2 / Got hat sich Rahmen des Semesterthemas “Dystopian Visions” mit dem Genre “Postapokalypse” auseinander gesetzt. In Gruppen entwickelten die Schüler Ideen für ein eigenes Filmdrehbuch und entwarfen dazu ein fiktives Filmposter, das die düstere Endzeitstimmung ihrer Geschichte visualisiert …

Up to the Top!

The 7BI started the school year not only with three exciting days of getting to know each other but also with getting to know the “Big NO“. After two days full of information and team building games we ended the intro days with an awesome bouldering experience in the “Fliegerhalle“ on Monday. By the way: Bouldering is climbing without a safety rope. First, we got a short security introduction by… Weiterlesen »Up to the Top!