Up to the Top!

The 7BI started the school year not only with three exciting days of getting to know each other but also with getting to know the “Big NO“. After two days full of information and team building games we ended the intro days with an awesome bouldering experience in the “Fliegerhalle“ on Monday. By the way: Bouldering is climbing without a safety rope.

First, we got a short security introduction by two bouldering teachers. After that, we spent two full hours to boulder up to the top! We didn‘t only climb up the simple, but also the hard routes (colors tell you the level) to reach the top. Let us tell you this: You really have a great view from above! 🙂 Our bouldering teachers played some fun games with us, too.

The “Fliegerhalle“ has even more to offer outside: a trampoline and a slackline! So before we left we had some time to do tricks on the trampoline like backflips or somersaults. On the slackline we trained our balance and got better with every new try.

We had a great day, but now it‘s time to learn again!

text and pictures: STB